Speical Powder Materials and Coating Technology

BGRIMM is engaged in research, development and commercialization of the coating materials such as metal, alloy, ceramic, composite material, powders and powder metallurgy products, as well as surface engineering technology. BGRIMM applies itself to the popularization and application of thermal spraying materials and technology. Up to date, nearly 100 types of highperformance coating materials have been developed.

BGRIMM owns a R&D center for special powders and powder metallurgy products. Occupying an area of 6,000m2 , the center has more than 200 sets of test and production facilities, including several specialized production lines of the alloy powder, ceramic powder, composite powder, thermal spraying products, aluminum alloy additive, etc. With an annual output of new material product reaching over 1000 tons, BGRIMM also provides services associated with high-performance coating materials and technology.

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