Floatation Reagents

Flotation Reagents

BGRIMM owns two production lines of high-efficient and customized mineral-processing reagents, producing collectors of BK-, AP- and BJ-series, which have been applied successfully to industrial practice of processing ores of copper, copper-molybdenum, molybdenum, copper-lead-zinc and tungsten in numerous companies, mines and plants.

The reagents with specific characteristics include

 Collectors for sulfide ores with high selectivity:AP-series, BJ301-series, BK- series, thionocarbamate esters(Z-200).

 Frothers:BK201, BK204, BK205 and BK206, BK208 for coal flotation.

 Collector for gold and silver:FZ-9538

 Collectors for oxide ores:CF-series, BJ-series and BK-series

 High-efficient regulators for flotation:YO-series, BJ-series, BK-series and thioglycolic salts



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