One More Overseas Project Landmark by BGRIMM Group

Visioning on “serving national innovation strategy, leading industry technology renovation, promoting resources effective utilization and forging world first-class scientific enterprise, BGRIMM Group has long been executing its core-competitiveness from  scientific R & D, engineering design and machinery manufacture in fields of mineral resources development and utilization. Collaboration between Chifeng Gold and BGRIMM Group in Laos Sepon Gold Project is one successful embodiment of this featured service by BGRIMM.  

Laos Sepon Mine is a large-scale Cu & Au deposit, with copper resources at upper zone and gold resources at lower。 The Mine is under open pit cutting at the moment, with 3,000,000 tons of copper ores mined per year。 It is scheduled be be closed in 2020 after copper resources are consumed then will transfer to gold development with designed capacity of 1,500,000 tons of gold ores per year。

BGRIMM Group was responsible for flotation test, engineering design for upgrading flotation plant and auxiliary facilities and supply of flotation cells for the Project. Concerted efforts and close collaboration between different business modules and disciplines in fulfilling of the Project had ensured smooth implementation and and stable progress of the Project, and had won high acclaim from the Client.

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